Processing of Applications

For Malta visa Application Centre in Beijing, the visa processing time takes 15 calendar days. For Malta Visa Application Centre in Shanghai, the visa processing time takes 15 working days. The Embassy reserves the right to call any person for an interview. Students returning to Malta to continue their studies at the University of Malta are exempt from the interview requirement.

All visa applications need to be completed correctly and legibly. Detailed documentary requirements are shown in the Visa Application Checklists available at this site. Please note that documents submitted with a visa application are not returnable irrespective of the result.

All applicants need to be in possession of a valid travel document, the period of validity of which needs to exceed that of the visa being applied for by a minimum of three months.

Visa applications need to be presented together with the documentation listed on the Visa Application Checklists in accordance with the purpose of travel. The Embassy reserves the right to request further documentation whenever it considers it necessary.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to check with the country of transit if a transit visa is required and to apply for such transit visa.

It is to be noted that Malta C and Malta D visas are valid only for Malta.